Escape to the Mountains
British Columbia is famous for its stunning natural beauty. Set against a crisp blue sky, the snow-capped Canadian Rockies and Coast Mountains have long enthralled tourists and locals alike. Guests can’t help themselves but to spend their vacation outdoors in the midst of this area’s magnificent landscapes, which makes activities like hiking, camping, rock-climbing, hunting and fishing among the favorite recreational pastimes.

Return with Timeshares
For many vacationers, the desire to return again and again to this haven for outdoor activities is so strong that timeshares have become the most cost-effective option. Rather than pay for daily accommodations, vacation properties afford owners weeklong lodging at the resort of their choice. And, because a timeshare is generally paid for over the course of a year or two, they’re much more budget friendly than renting a hotel room. Owning a vacation property in British Columbia means that you can return year after year to revel in your favorite vacation activity, like skiing the world-renowned Whistler and Blackcomb slopes, or whale watching along the coast. You’ll find timeshares for sale peppered throughout this refreshingly rustic region, each with its own particular draw.

Experience Victoria
Of course, the great outdoors are only part of what makes British Columbia such a revered vacation destination. With its nostalgic charm, vibrant culture and stunning natural backdrop, Victoria, British Columbia’s Garden City, has long been a favorite destination in Canada. Fresh air and lush landscaping complement the city’s leisurely pace and creative architecture. As the tourism industry in Victoria continues to grow, timeshares are becoming a favorite way to experience the many textures of this laid-back community.

Try Renting
Another way to experience your favorite region of British Columbia, be it the glittering city of Victoria or the solitude of the mountains, is to rent timeshare. Renting affords many of the perks of ownership, like weeklong lodging and luxurious accommodations, without the commitment of owning property.